At Pelle, we believe that our investment and commitment to research and development of leather articles is crucial for the success of our clients’ products. This applies to improving and varying the existing portfolio of leather articles and more importantly to innovating and introducing new articles into the portfolio. To achieve this, our comprehensive strategy is underpinned by:

  • Diversified procurement model for raw hides and skins. This allows us to focus on the right type of raw material from start for our clients, as decades of experience in raw hides assessment across various countries, has enabled us to project what can be technically achieved, once the specification are discussed with a client.
  • Strong, technically qualified and internationally trained team who develops proprietary recipes as well as customised recipes for our clients to innovate in terms of colour pallet, texture, embossing, layering, thickness and other features of leather.
  • Marketing team in tuned with global fashion trends, who work with the designers of the brands to outline the framework of next season’s trends. The team acts as a bridge between the developer at Pelle and the designer at the Brand.
  • Use of quality chemicals from Germany which not only produce the required quality and technically accurate leather article, but are environmentally friendly and enable our leather to comply with REACH and EU Standards of leather manufacturing
  • Dedicated laboratory to allow the team to experiment while keeping cost under control.

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