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Pelle Group consists of privately held companies owned, controlled and now run by the second generation.

We are 48 years old manufacturing and trading business selling leather which is used in shoes, garments, fashion accessories including bags, belts, gloves etc., sports goods, upholstery and various other products.

We specialise in raw hide procurement, end to end tanning, product research and development and sale of medium to top quality leather across US, Europe, Asia and South America, often working with international brands’ design teams.

Pelle Classics – our flagship company operates with three tanneries with

  • a team and infrastructure dedicated to procuring raw hides and skins from US, Europe and Pakistan;
  • technically qualified and internationally trained developers conducting research and developing new articles of leather;
  • careful selection of high quality and internationally sourced chemicals from Germany;
  • combined manufacturing capacity of 12 m sqft per year of finished leather;
  • 600 staff
  • full compliance with REACH Standard and EU Standard of leather manufacturing;
  • strict quality control measures

Our leather trading and sales division has a strong portfolio of long established domestic and international clients; and international offices and warehouses in Europe and Asia and actively participate in domestic and major international fairs.

We are dedicated to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and social responsibility towards our employees and community.

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